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Swachh Bharat Mission

Swachh Bharat Mission

एक कदम स्वच्छता की ओर ......

Friends, I am sure you have heard time and again that cleanliness is next to Godliness. Alas, Things are different when this comes to putting this into practice.
On 2nd October 2014, Government of India has launched Swachh Bharat Mission, a massive mass movement that seeks to create clean India. This initiative is launched under direct supervision of our honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, who urged every citizen of India to devote at least hundred hours every year i.e. 2 hours every week towards cleanliness .
We are sure that government will take few more measures to clean India, but it’s our responsibility as well to make our own contribution towards this great mission. Here are some suggestions, I feel that can be initiated by us and our neighbors to kick start the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and sustain it on an ongoing basis:
Ten Ideas For Using Cleanliness at Society:
1.Neighbors should get together and lay out their neighborhood cleanliness objectives with proper plan
2. A cleanliness committee should be formed in society to make this a sustainable initiative
3. Cleanliness do’s and don’ts to be established and posted in multiple locations in Hindi so Residents/Staff/Vendors/Visitors can all understand. (Include guidelines on cleaning after pet, prohibition on littering, posters, spitting)
4. Residents to orient their families as well as staff and vendors coming in the neighborhood
5. Cleanliness Sign boards to include phone numbers of local health officer, wastage pick up agency, RWA/Security office, SHO, MLA with a call to action from Residents
6. Collective pledge to commit certain hours a month on Cleanliness. Multiple teams can be formed with each covering 2 cleanliness days every month
7. Collective residents action mechanism on reporting unauthorized hawkers in the neighborhood
8. Adequate garbage collection bins should be kept in the society/neighborhood
9. Initiate a neighborhood beautification drive with Residents.
10. Initiate a cleanup drive on October 2nd with neighbors or atleast with your family. Pick up trash around your home and neighborhood. Establish a baseline of how you want your surroundings to be!

Five Ideas For Using Cleanliness To Promote Productivity at office:
1.   Create order out of chaos: At the top of my priority list need to get organized. You are less productive when you are overwhelmed with materials you don’t need and can’t find any of the supplies or documents that you do. Clear your desk – as much as you could off the surface and everything from inside the drawers – and sorted it all into piles of what you needed and didn’t need.
2.   Get rid of the trash safely: All that stuff you needed to throw away? Some of it might be confidential material – it might have personal information or credit card numbers (either your own or those of a company client), or some papers might have communication that should be kept between only a few people.
3.   Avoid sick days: The office is practically a hot zone for germs. So many people are spending so much time in an enclosed space – and we’re all so busy that we can sometimes neglect the quick cleanups we should take care of on a daily basis. Guilty of eating lunch at  desk every day, so it’s no wonder that you may prone to having crumbs in between the keys of your computer keyboard.
4.   Restock for the season: I’m not the one who orders our office supplies, but I know that we’re all affected if we run out of something unawares. Made a list of office necessities we don’t use every day or even every week but are vital to our operations. We made a point to fully restock printer ink, light-bulbs, computers, batteries and stamps so that we have them when we need them.
5.   Reap the reward of something new: It’s a new season and the office is nice and clean, but there are some parts of the office that can’t be simply wiped down or fixed up; they need to be completely replaced. Spring cleaning is about new beginnings, and it’s worth it to put a little money into making the office a better place. I treated myself to a new carrying case for my laptop because my old one was outdated and worn, and I felt self-conscious when I went to an appointment or meeting with it around my shoulder.
 Few more plan of actions for Government/Public/Schools/Institutions:
  1. सारे बड़े शहरों और राज्यों की राजधानियों के प्रमुख स्थानो पर हर 300 मीटर पर कचरे का बड़ा सा डब्बा लगाएं, सुखा और गीला अलग - अलग और जहां जरुरत हो वहाँ नोटिस बोर्ड रहे की "नजदीकी कचरे का डिब्बा कितनी दुरी पर है"
  2. स्कूलों में पहली क्लास से ही बच्चों को कचरा यहां वहाँ फेकने की शिक्षा दें स्कूल्स में डस्ट - बिन हो।
  3. घरों में माता पिता खुद भी सफाई रखें और बच्चों को बताएं कैसे रहना है
  4. रेसिडेंशियल इलाकों में कचरा डालने के सुविधा मजबूत हो
  5. पॉलिथीन पर पूरी तरफ बैन हो सब्ज़ी/फल/राशन इत्यादि वाले कपडे की थैलियां रखें, अगर ग्राहक झोला नहीं लाया है तो वो वहीँ खरीद ले
  6. अगर आप किसी को रस्ते में कचरा फेंकते हुए देखें तो उसे प्यार से समझाएं और कचरा या तो खुद उठा कर फ़ेंक दें या उसे कहें
  7. कचरा सफाई को "अनिवार्यता" क़ानून के तहत लाना होगा
  8. क़ानून ऐसा हो की अगर सफाई कर्मचारी सफाई नहीं करता तो पार्षद, नगर निगम आयुक्त इत्यादि पर कार्यवाही हो इस पर थोड़ा और विचार हो सकता है
  9. पान खाकर थूकने वालों पर सख्त कार्यवाही हो न्यूनतम दंड दस हज़ार रुपैये हो  
  10.  जब सरकार कचरा पेटी हर जगह लगवा ले उसके बाद कचरा फेंकने वालों पर दस हज़ार का जुर्माना लगाने का प्रयोजन हो  
इक्षाशक्ति की जरुरत है मार्स पर चले गए, चाँद पर जा रहे हैं तो कचरा साफ़ नहीं कर सकते क्या, जो हम खुद फैलाते हैं ?We need to have that proper civic sense assuming cleanliness is our basic fundamental &moral duty.Our city, our country our pride. My eulogy cannot inculcate the agglomeration of what our motherland squalls and laments. The way we treat our society we live in gives an exposition of our cultural, heritage values we posses.The onus of a person living in a society does not depends where the society is how is it shaped ? it depends in how we shape the society.

We can’t let India remain unclean any longer!!

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 Courtesy: Ministry of Urban Development (Govt of India) & Open source.

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