Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Experience Sharing To Do Best In Sales

Today you need to do sales more intelligently because of huge easy information inflow to the customer.So for sales one require a lot of knowledge and information about organization & Industry.

Regular prospecting  through cold call is necessary for closure.I admit,Cold call is the one of the tedious job for sales people ,after one or two day sales guy realize its no worth but the fact is that one should keep on prospecting for better result.

For me sales is one of the most interesting job because it involves n numbers of  surprising activities starting from prospecting to post sales service.

Few experience sharing to do best in Sales:

1.Knowledge about  product/service which you are offering.
2.Information about organization to whom you are offering
3.Update withIndustry(Current happenings,Competitors,etc)
4.Language of Business:English(corporate language)is always given benefit for sales ,yes thats cant be ignore but most important one should have command on Language of Business(Genuine Benefits which you may give to your client by your service/product)
5.Patience:This is one of the most important quality,Because sales is a process it may happen in a day ,in a month or it can take a year aswell.
6. Honesty:The day has gone when you can make fool to your client by wrong commitment/information.Do not give any wrong commitment,if you don't know any information about your offerings just accept politely and concern your management to revert back with right answer.

This process may take time for closure but it will give good result after a time.

         commitment towards sales & service delivery
Keep Prospecting,
Happy Sales!!

Amit Kumar
Ascent Consulting Services Pvt  Ltd

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