Friday, 16 December 2011

Recession knocking at the door :A big challange for HR & Finance

When recession knocking at the door the question arises How to reduce the cost? HRO (Human resource Outsourcing ) is one of the way to reduce the cost in organization ? payroll processing ,Payroll compliance(PF/ESI/IT/PT/LWF etc) ,LLC is a big challange for organization in this evolving economics and if compliances are not compiled then it creates a lot of chaos and headache for management.

Its better to utilize people(organizational assets) in strategical work rather than in non strategical work .HRO can be means for the same and  to create value for the organization.

Few More Importance of HRO:

1.Focus on Strategic work
2.Avoid Technological /Skill obsolesence
3.Potentially lower cost
4.Data confidentiality
5.Flexibility & scalable

Based on above key objectives, organizations should assign weights to each evaluation parameter and identify the fitment of a Human Resource Outsourcing(HRO) model in their scenario.

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